It is a well known fact that organic waste which is ignored normally , if used in a proper manner can be a great source of sustainable energy. The idea to develop a fully automatic Bio-methanization plant to produce high quality methane has resulted in our EN-STAR (PZ): Technology – Energy & Nutrient from Solid Trash Automated Recovery (Pollute Zero Technology).

Kitchen & Food waste and sludge from sewage are majorly organic waste. EN-STAR (PZ) converts this organic waste into gas, which is rich in Methane. The gas so produced can be used as a fuel for heating, cooking and automobiles. Energy reuse from the waste can save substantial amount of energy cost.

EN-STAR (PZ) is based on anaerobic Bio-methanization which mimics mother nature. It is totally safe, non-polluting, efficient and cost-effective and uses all kinds of MSW, agricultural, domestic, food and other organic waste.
It is a totally automated SCADA controlled process with modular and scalable.

The process :

  • Organic Waste (Kitchen & Food and Sewage Sludge) is pH corrected and then fed to Microbe Incubated Bio-Reactor (MIBR)
  • MIBR is pre-fed with patented specially cultured microbes
  • Anaerobic process of digestion converts organic waste to crude gas which is rich in methane and CO2 in the absence of oxygen
  • Organic waste is digested by microbes within 15-21 days
  • Patented MIBR design help in retaining microbes after each cycle
  • Crude gas is passed through a refinery to extract out CO2
  • Extracted CO2 is passed through the CO2 re-breather, which converts it to CO, which is further reused in the process to increase the efficiency
  • The resultant gas after refining is Organic Natural Gas


Salient Features of EN-START (PZ)